Saracen Superior Oats

Saracen Superior Oats


Saracen Superioats are a modern development of the traditional cereal, and are referred to as 'naked oats' because they are husk-less. Unlike conventional oats, the huck is separated from the kernal during harvesting, leaving a very clean grain, improvement nutrient availability and oil content. 


  • Fussy feeders or poor doers, where appetite often limits required energy intake


  • High energy, but low starch - the high oil content contributes to this value, making them lower in starch than any other cereal
  • Consistently high crude protein levels compared to other cereals, with a good level of Lysine maintaining the quality
  • Dust-free
  • No bruising or crushing required. These oats are highly digestible when fed whole, and do not deteriorate during storage.
  • They contain more nutrients per kilo than ordinary oats, so less cereal is required to provide the same energy intake


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