Saracen Mare-Care

Saracen Mare-Care


A high-spec mix for the broodmare providing extra nutritional support to meet the specific dietary requirements of mares during late pregnancy and through lactation. Mare-Care can even be introduced just 30 days before the mare's due date to provide her with balanced and appropriate nutritional support leading up for foaling. 


  • Providing flexible energy levels, when used with STAMM 30® between early and late pregnancy
  • Controlling body condition throughout gestation
  • Meeting the specific nutrient requirements of mares during late pregnancy and lactation
  • Particularly supporting maidens, poor milkers and mares producing borderline or poor quality colostrum


  • Features a boosted level of Vitamin E to aid fertility in mares and optimise antibody transfer from mares to newborn foals
  • Provides a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for colostrum quality
  • Contains BioMos for attracting and neutralizing bacteria, and stimulating the immune system


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