Saracen Enduro-100

Saracen Enduro-100


Enduro-100 is a high-oil, energy efficient mix designed to meet the specific requirements of the modern equine athlete. Alternative energy sources (oil and fermentable fibre) help to reduce the reliance on cereals and provide sustainable slow release energy. These alternative energy sources are highly digestible and provide the equine athlete with long-lasting, controlled energy release throughout a competition. 



  • Meeting the nutritional demands of the equine athlete from high level Dressage to Endurance
  • Horses that require energy to be provided in a slow release format via highly digestible fibre sources 
  • The performance horse that reacts to a high starch diet


  • Formulated to draw on Super Fibre & oil energy sources for long-lasting energy release & controlled performance
  • High fibre levels to promote gut health & aid gut mobility during competition
  • Super Fibre sources encourage water intake and create a water and electrolyte reserve in the gut, helping to combat the effects of dehydration
  • Outstanding coat condition from high oil levels
  • Added Yeast for increased calcium absorption and fibre digestion
  • Chelated minerals included which can increase resistance to stress and aid efficient muscle function
  • Powerful antioxidant protection including vitamin E


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